“With pleasure, I whole heartedly recommend Rob Abrams for your physical therapy.  I think there are two qualities in particular that make Rob the talented and skilled professional that he is:  1) the way he is able to “tune in to” or resonate with the area in trouble;  and 2)  his outstanding communication skills regarding how the prescribed exercise(s) is/are working specifically for  you, plus the spot-on adjustments to those exercises he can make on your behalf.”                              

    -Lynn W.  


    “I can’t recommend Rob enough. I saw other therapists before I saw him and none provided near the expertise, care and individual attention that he did. His ability to readily know what I needed, develop a plan, and execute it was incredible. It is Rob’s exceptional skills that are totally responsible for my recovery from a replaced ACL and meniscal tear, and recovery from wrist surgery for a fracture. Rob is truly the best!”

    -Sue C. 

    “Coming off of a total knee replacement surgery, I needed to know I was in good hands for physical therapy. Rob was thorough, methodical in his approach, and showed care and compassion for me as a patient and a human being, during and after our sessions were completed. He was, again, validated by another physical therapist, who agreed with all I had done and was doing. I highly recommend Rob Abrams!”

    -Laurie A.

    “Strive is great! I wanted to run in a 5k but always had issues with my knees, with help from Strive I was able to run the 5k pain free!  I was amazed how much Strive was able to help fix many of my running technique problems.  Rain or shine they worked with me to get me ready for my race.  Outstanding service is the only way to describe my experience with Strive.  I feel 100% confident in recommending Strive Physical Therapy.”

    -Kim W.


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