Osteoarthritis and Joint Replacement Rehab

    Osteoarthritis Treatment EmphasisDad IV
    • Pain Management Strategies
    • Joint Protection Strategies
    • Disease Management
    • Arthritis appropriate aerobic exercises
    • Patient specific strengthening Exercises

    Advantages of Physical Therapy
    • Restore mobility
    • Reduce pain
    • Decrease stiffness
    • Increase Comfort
    • Regain functional mobility
    • Teach Pre surgery exercises


    Joint replacement surgery is a common treatment option for severe OA. Each year 1 million new total knee and hip replacements are done in the U.S. Early postoperative physical therapy following hip and knee replacement surgery is critical in restoring pain-free function and improving quality of life.

    Joint Replacement Postoperative Emphasis:
    • Achieving Early Mobility
    • Maximizing knee extension
    • Restoring normal gait
    • Restoring Quad/ VMO Muscle Recruitment
    • Balance Training
    • Weight bearing and safety precautions
    • Restoring Function

    As joint care specialist, we use our experience in biomechanics, functional movement, neuromuscular re-education, tissue healing and our patient’s goals to guide our treatment.

    Our Physical Therapy Treatments Include
    • One-on-one session with a physical therapist
    • Hands-on, manual therapy emphasis
    • 17 Years Experience in Joint Replacement Rehab
    • Private, professional setting
    • 60 Minute Sessions
    • Exercises specific to our patient’s deficits and goals

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