Sports Injury Prevention Program

    Each year many competitive high school athletes are sidelined with lower extremity injuries. As physical therapists we commonly treat hamstring strains, ankle sprains and knee ligament injuries. A growing concern is the rise in ACL injuries among female athletes. Roughly, two-thirds of ACL injuries are non contact injuries in which the athlete is pivoting, slightly off balance or landing from a jump. Asymmetrical strength, poor lower extremity mechanics, decreased knee joint stability and improper conditioning are contributing factors. Injury prevention programs can help reverse this trend.

    Side HopStrive teaches Cincinnati Sports Medicine’s Sportsmetrics injury prevention program. Sportsmetrics is a highly effective sports injury prevention program designed for both female and male athletes to reduce the risk of serious knee and lower extremity injuries.

    Program consists of four main components
    • Dynamic warm-up
    • Jump/ plyometric training
    • Strengthening
    • Flexibility

    Program Highlights
    • 6 week program
    • Taught one-on-one by a physical therapist
    • Emphasis on teaching proper technique, form and alignment
    • Focus on quality not quantity

    • Decrease risk of injury by 3-4 fold
    • Improve jumping and landing mechanics
    • Reduce harmful knee landing forces
    • Improve leg strength, power and symmetry
    • Improve neuromuscular timing and knee joint stability
    • Improve athletic performance

    Our Injury Prevention Program is a cash pay program which allows us extra time and dedication to help our clients reach their goals.

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